Cover Review: Confess by Colleen Hoover

Oops I did it again.

No, I did not make a cheesy song reference! How dare you even accuse me of that! Pfft! But seriously, I caved and bought myself Colleen Hoovers new book – Confess. And then I read it, I actually finished it less that 30 minutes ago, and now I am going to be writing a Cover Review about the cover to that lovely novel.

First off, look, and marvel in its beauty…

Not done yet? No worries, take your time, this post is not going anywhere!

Okay so yet again Colleen’s book covers rarely make sense before you read the book, but after you read the book, BAM! It hits you. Literally hits you, like a hand comes out of the book and slaps you. But if I had not read this book prior to reviewing its cover (like I am supposed to do!) than I would be talking about how would be what I would presume to have the most profound impact on the unravelling of this story. The cover in many senses is quite plain, but that is what I love so much about it. It is simple, and then you look behind the colourful letters, and you see an image behind the word ‘Confess’. And guess what, that ties in so beautifully to the book that I want to go and high-five whom ever designed this cover, and the covers to the rest of her books as well. I feel like if I keep writing I am going to give something crucial away, so I am going to stop right here. I am cutting myself short, even though my fingers are begging me to continue typing up a storm.

Well guess what greedy fingers – no more typing for you!
Anyway, I want you all to go and find yourself a copy of this book, or any book of Colleen’s and just read it. Open the book, start the first page, and don’t put it down until you are finished. And don’t forget to design your own catastrophe while you are at it…



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