November Wrap Up and December TBR

Sooo I’m back with another wrap up and tbr! I managed to read a fair amount in November which is great! If you want to know what I thought of the books I read check it out below! 🙂

So far this month I have managed to read:

  • Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (reread)
  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare

I am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird for school so hopefully I can finish that soon and read at least one book for the holiday booktubeathon!

What have you guys read this month?

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Series Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

We are gonna shake it up a bit here and give you all more than what you usually bargain for on Wednesday’s! Instead of a review of one book, you guys are getting a review of an entire series! How exciting! I am going to be reviewing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series today, it is going to be a very ‘surface’ review, so if any of you want a more in depth review of one of the books in this amazing series, just let me know!

First of all I want to mention just how amazingly well the mythology in these books works. I can imagine a lot of other authors attempting at taking multitudes of Greek myths and trying to make a book out of it, much less a series or two, and it not going over well. But Rick perfectly balances the mythology with his own creation of a world. He never went so in depth with the mythology that the reader seems utterly lost, but you are immersed in a classical civilizations polytheistic religion just enough to draw you, inescapably, into the story. I will say that The Last Olympian and The Lightening Thief are my two favourite books of this series. The Titan’s Curse was my least favourite, but none of these ever went below a 3.5 star rating! This series drags you right into Percy’s world from the first page. And Rick’s writing is so full of satire that you can’t help but chuckling awkwardly to yourself when you realize that you are reading in public and people can hear you laugh!

The characters, lets get started on the characters. I found that none of the characters fell flat for me, which is a feat in itself in a series. But all of the characters in these books are multidimensional and give the story that much more of a reason to encapsulate and enslave your brain to the tale. And Percy! How I love Percy! He might just be making the list of some of my all time favourite characters! That boy is witty beyond belief and I love reading from his perspective and just about him in general. He reminds me a lot of Harry from the Harry Potter series, and I love Harry too, so it makes sense! Also, Grover is awesome in the first book, I did not like him as much in the rest of them, but the point is still valid nonetheless. I also find that Annabeth and Percy just feed really well off of each other through this whole series, and they always seem to balance each other out.

The inclusion of the Gods and Goddesses also makes for a lot awesome literary opportunities! Apollo kills me every time he was in a section of the book, and just how human he portrayed some of the Gods was a really interesting way to view them. Although some, like Zeus, Aphrodite and Athena retain their ethereal and eternal standpoint it is interesting to see them depicted in ways that differ from the giants sitting in the clouds. This series is just an overall good read and I recommend all those who are interested in reading it to just give it a shot. I think I finished this whole series in just over a week, and I truly enjoyed it.

Yet again, if you want a more in-depth review of any of these books just let me know!

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Book Review: 99 Days by Katie Cotungo

If you have not realized by now I will come out and state it forthright. I have been on a contemporary kick, and not just a regular phase either. I read a book a day for a week straight – all of them contemporaries. I know that some of you may read that much on a regular basis, but I surely do not! Though if I had the time to I would love it! 99 Days has been one of the books I have read over this contemporary kick, and seeing as there is a lot of buzz around this book, I thought I should review it for all of you deciding whether or not you should read it!

This Review Will be Spoiler Free

To start out with, the concept is really intriguing. The protagonists mother writes a book inspired by her daughter’s teenage life, and it is published when she is still a teenager. The book reveals things about her that she wished never did, and then drama ensues. If there is anything that popular contemporary literature teaches us, it’s that running away to a boarding school does not fix your problems. Yet, Molly seems to do just that. When she returns for the summer before attending college she has to face the problems she left behind.

I am going to be honest, I had some issues with Molly at times. She was tough to relate to and always wallowed in her own pity. She hid from her problems by using documentaries and candy as her shield. Though I did not like Molly, I did enjoy reading about some of the other characters, and I felt that is what made me like the book as much as I did. Gabe was so cute, and Patrick exudes a certain quality that just draws you to him. Molly’s Mom was also a character that I genuinely liked. I feel like I was supposed to hate her, because she started all the drama that Molly has to deal with. In all honesty, Molly brought all of her own trouble on herself. And if her mother didn’t write about it, her secrets would have been revealed anyway. Molly seems to be the person who deflects their own problems on everyone else, and it is slightly annoying.

Getting past complaining about Molly though, I thought the rest of the characters were well adapted to the story and really helped to add dimension to it. In all honesty, if I read this book in the winter I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. This is a book that you should read during the summer, or the spring when the teasing glimpses of summer are driving you bonkers. This is a book that is made purely to escape for a couple of hours, not to teach you something or reshape your outlook on life. But, it does not claim to do the latter either. This book was intriguing and entertained me. Am I going to pound Jordan’s door down telling her to read it? No. If Jordan chooses to read it I definitely want to know her opinions on it, but this book is nothing to write home about.

In short, I feel like this read is perfect for if you are on a summer contemporary kick. Or if you are going to the beach and you need a good read for your time ‘sun-tanning’ (I cannot tan – only burn – so I honestly have no idea how people sun tan, also I don’t know how people don’t become extremely bored while just lying there, it is one of the many mysteries of life I guess).

I read a goodreads review that said that people who read this book will either love it or hate it, and I feel like I am suspended in between both love and hate. I love certain parts, and despise others. So I guess you could say that whoever wrote that is not entirely incorrect, but I feel like this book both gives and takes.

And for all of you who have a 99 day summer, I just wanted to tell you that that is one long a$# summer. And you better do a lot of reading over that extended period of time!

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Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hover

After reading Maybe Someday I became addicted to reading Collen Hover books. So when Hannah said that Ugly Love is her favourite so far out of all the Colleen Hover books she has read I just had to read it next. I borrowed the book from Hannah and I have the exact same opinion as her. This book was incredible! *this review will be spoiler free*


Ugly Love is about a girl named Tate who moves in with her brother in his big fancy new apartment. He is a pilot and so are most of the other men in the building, including Miles, her brothers close friend and mysterious boy across the hall. Miles is a very closed off person but when Miles suggest a friends – or more like acquaintances with benefits relationship – she just can’t resist.

The book is told in dual points of view on different timelines and I just loved how well played out the story was in this format. The story could have fallen flat and been the same as any other new adult or even young adult contemporary but because of how she told the story and what happened made this book stand out to me.

The characters were very interesting to read from, Tate being the more outgoing and sarcastic one while in Miles point of view it is very poetic and well spoken. This gives a very interesting dynamic to the story and makes it easy to switch back and forth between each point of view.

The relationship is very interesting and also very cute. I can’t wait to see it played out on film! The fact that they have a FWB relationship but still show affection even right from the beginning just makes me squeal from the cuteness! tumblr_inline_n3z7i2zzq41rpm8wc

The only thing that I know some people wouldn’t like about this book but doesn’t really bother me or affect my rating of the book (within moderation of course) is the amount of sex that is evident in this novel.dylan6

Obviously going into this book, especially after I just explained the premise you should know that there will be adult themes in this novel. Plus is it a new adult book which is also a dead giveaway. Anyways, I’m not going to put an age limit on this book but I just think that if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff I would stay away. Personally I think putting age restrictions on a book is silly, it should be how mature you are and if you think you personally can handle it. But thats just my opinion.

I can’t wait for the movie, and btw the teaser trailer for the movie comes out tomorrow! I am so pumped! I heard it was just a voice over type thing, I’m guessing with water in play of some sort.

Speaking of water! Omg I was so off for my cover review! Hannah texted me right after I posted my Cover Review and said she said the same thing about the water on the cover about it making things unclear and that you will understand at the end of the novel. And boy does that make sense to me now. I love how simplistic her covers are but they say so much, especially after reading the novel.

Overall I would give this book at 5/5 stars, I just couldn’t put it down and it was just soooo addicting! If you are interested in reading one of Colleen Hovers books I would suggest starting here if you are unsure. They are the read to midnight in one sitting type of books which is why i know its dangerous to start one of hers during the week. Hopefully this fairly short review helped to give you that extra push if you are still unsure.

Have you read Ugly Love? Let me know what you thought of it below!

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Book Review: All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang

Have I ever mentioned to all of you about how much I truly love the book community? Well if I haven’t take that as my most sincere of apologies, because it is an unalienable fact that I love books, and furthermore the book community. Authors, readers, writers all coming together to make this interconnected virtual community, it is truly an astounding thing. I recently read All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang, and let me tell you that this book will satisfy your need for an awesome contemporary from the second your eyes start travelling over the page! I read this book in just over a day, and it was truly awesome!

*This review will be spoiler free

This book creates such a distinct world, all while retaining a sense of realism, which in my opinion is what a contemporary should really do. Transport you to a place just crazy enough to believe, but removed enough from your own life that you still feel like you are escaping when you open the book. I instantly related with Maya’s strong-willed and stubborn character, and the way that her life is integrated into the life of the Scion’s is addicting to read about. This book brings in the opulence of the obscenely rich, and integrates it seamlessly into the life of a regular teenage girl. Seamless may not be the right word in all honesty, because hilarity does ensue. I have always had an affinity for strong-willed and stubborn characters, and with Maya and Roman in the same book it is a real treat to a bibliophile!

This book is also inspired by Manga, which I think is super cool! I have never been big on Manga or graphic novels or anything, but I know Jordan is, and she has been raving about how cool it is that two separate nerd worlds of hers are colliding! And if any of you have heard of this book, it is not surprising to me because it is a Wattpad Original! How cool is that!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. This book incorporated just the right amount of humour with seriousness to make it a truly enjoyable read. It was not jam packed with jokes, and it was not so serious that it was depressing and dragging. And don’t even get me started on Maya’s grandmother in the story. She may very well be one of my favourite ever literary characters, that grandmother is snarky, sassy, and downright hilarious. In all honesty, if there was a book just about that grandmother i would probably read it! Kidnappings, makeovers, romance, puppies, Mickey Mouse, and Almond Joys have never been brought together as amazingly as they have been in this book. It brings in all the struggles that the average teenager faces, making the characters relatable and likeable, but it also integrates aspects of a parallel reality, and one that accompanies obscene wealth.

Besides the grandmother there are a multitude of other characters that add depth and hilarity to the story. Venice and her outrageous admiration for puppies and dogs reminds me exactly of Jordan and I’s friend Sydney. We are all worried for when she actually gets her licence because any time I am driving she will be talking and then cut-off mid sentence because she is distracted from some fluffy animal. Maya is funny in her own right, especially because of the trouble her stubborn attitude gets her into. The rest of the Scions’ bring their own person humour and flair into the book as well, and it creates really well rounded characters.

The only thing that I will criticize about this book is that sometimes I got confused with the narrative. Sometimes I would think that it is from Maya’s point of view, and other times it felt like I was looking down on the scene. It just confusing every once and a while, but it took nothing away from the story! I have read books that are worded like that before and I tend to get a little lost every once and a while. But Maya’s perspective on everything is hilarious, especially at the beginning of the novel, especially when you are first getting introduced to Valesca Academy.

The one thing I tend to get nervous about when reading some contemporaries is the lag that can often be found just after the middle of the book, but I can confidently say that I did not find any such thing in this book. It is entertaining, enthralling, and relatable in the most bizarre of ways.

All I’ve Never Wanted is available for purchase on June 9th 2015 off of Amazon, but if you can’t wait until then to start this awesome story then you can check out a sample on Wattpad!

Want to hear more from Ana Huang? Check out some of her links…

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* An ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of this book was given to us in exchange for an honest review. *