Bucket Lists

Here is where you will find our bucket lists of the things we would love to experience or complete during our wacky and weird lives! Hopefully we can complete some of these soon! So here are our Bucket Lists, as of 16 years of age…

Jordan – 

  • play messy twister
  • go on a camping trip with all my friends
  • skydive
  • go to SDCC
  • go to the seven wonders of the world
  • Go to Denmark with Hannah
  • cross the golden gate bridge
  • go to NYC with my friends
  • take a road trip not knowing where we are going to end up
  • drive to Vancouver to try to see them film Supernatural
  • Meet Jensen Ackles
  • Meet Jared Padaeacki
  • Meet Misha Collins
  • Go to Toronto Con in October
  • meet an Author
  • meet an actor in a book-to-movie adaptation
  • Travel with my best friend
  • Go to Italy
  • Paint the Roses RED!
  • watch all the harry potter movies in one week
  • go to the Harry Potter sets in London
  • Get my G1
  • Get my G2
  • Get my drivers license (G)
  • go to everyone province/territory in Canada
  • stand under the Hollywood Sign
  • write a bestselling novel (or at least publish a novel)
  • have a paint fight
  • fill a journal from cover to cover
  • go to Boston
  • sleep under the stars
  • try butter beer 
  • send a message in a bottle
  • eat pizza in Italy
  • Take a classic tourist picture of the Leaning tower of Pisa
  • ride an elephant
  • Get tickets to the Ellen Show
  • do a silly photo shoot with my friends

Hannah – 

  • go to New York
  • get my G1
  • go to England
  • purchase a giant bookshelf and fill it with my favourite books
  • write a novel – and have it published
  • graduate high school
  • be accepted to a university of my choice
  • graduate from university
  • live abroad for 6 months (minimum)
  • live in an apartment with my best friends for a while
  • own my own car
  • be happy
  • take a road trip without a destination
  • buy plane tickets without knowing where you are going (or buy them as you are heading to the airport, spur of the moment)
  • meet an author whose books I have cherished
  • be part of a successful blog
  • travel to India
  • travel to Iceland
  • travel to Germany
  • basically travel the world
  • visit the Harry Potter theme park and sets
  • cry the night before I turn 18 because I am not ready to be an adult
  • get straight A’s for at least one year in high school
  • continue to write in journals
  • ride an elephant
  • travel to each continent on earth (excluding Antarctica)
  • stop and smell the roses- literally
  • be spontaneous for a week straight
  • travel to France
  • travel to Denmark with Jordan
  • fill a wall in my house with photos I have taken
  • go to Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon
  • Go to TorontoCon
  • Meet the cast of Supernatural
  • Just Live.

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