It can always be hard to describe someone in a few short paragraphs, but I guess we are going to give it a shot here…

Jordan –

I am 17 years of age, that seems like a lot to me. I read constantly, I always have a book and a pair of headphones with me and everyone I know knows I’m a huge book nerd. I started out reading Harry Potter in grade three which really was the feeder series that got me into all these amazing young adult novels. I love anything from contemporary romance to sic-fi and everything in between. I love to write fan fictions and short stories and I hope to one day have an idea thats good enough to make it to the shelves for others to enjoy. I play Curling and Hockey because what regular Canadian doesn’t do some kind of winter sport? And I love to go camping with my family to read outside and be “one with nature”.  Anyways, I am quite a geek who loves Marvel and frozen yogurt (you can only guess why hannah and I are best friends right?) and I want to live a thousand lives through the stories printed on pages.


Hannah –

I am 17 years young and (obviously) read a lot. And as our tag line said, It all started with Potter, and I mean that quite literally. Reading the Harry Potter series between the second and third grade was what really got me into reading in the first place. Without that collection of literature I would not be sitting behind this laptop today writing about myself on a blog, about books nonetheless. Anyway I am a huge bibliophile and consider myself quite verbose with a passion for strange words. My favourite app on my iPhone is the Dictionary app which I check daily for the ‘Word of the Day’. Anyway, I quite enjoy greek yogurt covered cranberries and frozen yogurt. And that is basically me, Hannah, the bibliophile and 16 year old with dreams the size of a continent.


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