Fandom News: Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Read all about it! Wait, what are we reading about? Seriously, nobody ever answers my questions.

Anyway, I am here today to bring you the Unpopular Opinion Book Tag, in which I talk about stuff and things and some people may even read it!

1. A Popular Book or Series That You Did Not Like

I did not like the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. I remember forcing myself to think that I liked them when I was reading them but now I have allowed myself to talk about my true opinions. I did not like that series. At. All. It was barely interesting, and there was only one well-rounded character.

2. A Popular Book or Series That Everyone Seems To Hate But You Love

For this I am going to pick Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Everyone tells me that it is their least favourite book out of the series, but it is actually my favourite. I tend to like conclusions that are not entirely happy, or even remotely happy. And I feel like Mockingjay can boast that.

3. A Love Triangle Where The Main Character Did Not End Up With The Person You Wanted Them To

Honestly, the ending to Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare makes me so angry! If I just didn’t read that darn epilogue I would have been so much better off! Tessa, the main character in The Infernal Devices series did not end up with the character that I wanted her to and it pains me beyond belief.

4. A Popular Book Genre You Hardly Ever Reach For

In all honesty I am just going to say Fantasy. I have read Fantasy books in the past, and I have really enjoyed them! I just find that they are so hard to get into, especially High Fantasy. I am trying to read Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton right now, and although it is good, I just find it really hard to get into the book.

5. A Popular or Beloved Character You Did Not Like

Going back to The Infernal Devices, I did not like Jem. I liked him as a background character, but not as a character character. You know? I feel so bad saying that I did not like him because Jordan loves Jem (imagine her eyes turning to hearts when she thinks about him), but he was just never a character I particularly connected with, despite for the fact that I loved Will and he and Jem are parabati.

7. A Popular Book Trope You Are Tired of Seeing

In all honesty I am pretty tolerant with stuff like that. If I don’t want to read it, or I don’t like it, I just won’t pay attention to it. But, I guess I would say that I am sick of Boy Bands. And any books that centre around Boy Bands. I don’t even know if there are any, but if there are I may go out and buy all the books just to burn them. Someone has to watch out for those easily coerced into liking horrid things right?

8. A Popular Series You Have No Interest in Reading

I am going to be bluntly honest right now. I had absolutely no intention of reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I did not want anything to do with them, and I was not going to even look at the books. Then Jordan shoved the books down my throat, and I liked them.

9. The Saying Goes “The Book is Always Better Than The Movie,” But What Movie or T.V. Show Adaptation Do You Prefer More Than The Book?

When I think about it, I really did not like The Fault in Our Stars book, but I did like the movie. Many people disagree with me, but I agree with myself. And I stand by my decision in saying that the movie is better than the book. I loved Looking for Alaska though, and if they make a movie out of that book and butcher it I will be furious.

Anyway, I hoped you liked reading about my opinions on these types of things! Leave your opinions in the comments!

Keep designing your own catastrophe,



5 thoughts on “Fandom News: Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

  1. 1. I didn’t like the Divergent Series. It was okay, but I could move on with my life pretty easily after the last book, unlike most series I read all the way through.

    2. Defy is a book that I love and obsessed over for a while, but it’s gotten some pretty bad reviews for the strong love story.

    3. Twilight. Seriously. She should have ended up with Jacob and not Edward, because she and Edward had a pretty unhealthy relationship.

    4. Thrillers. I’ll read them if they’re their, but I probably won’t ever pay retail price for one.

    5. Ginny Weasley.

    7. Any books based off of Frozen. I am so over that movie and I’m tired of the overpromotion of it everywhere.

    8. Fault in Our Stars because it will just make me cry.

    9. I’m ashamed to say I’ve read part of and watched Fifty Shades of Gray. The movie is a lot better than the book, not that it’s that hard.

    I’m glad you gave Percy Jackson a try because Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors for young adult books. I enjoyed Mockingjay, but I hate endings and conclusions in general, even though I prefer it when they’re not unrealistically happy. I always like the first book no matter what.

    • Thanks for answering all those questions, that is awesome! I love hearing a bunch of different peoples’ opinions on stuff like this! I totally see you point about Twilight. She and Edward did have an unhealthy relationship, but I rooted for him the whole time because of the ‘rule of two’ that Jordan and I usually follow when reading books with love triangles. The rule is just that whatever person he/she meets second is usually who they end up with, being Edward in Twilight. And I totally agree with you about the Frozen thing as well! My step-sister has been singing ‘Let It Go’ non-stop lately and I am thinking of installing irremovable ear plugs to block out the pain!

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