Series Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

We are gonna shake it up a bit here and give you all more than what you usually bargain for on Wednesday’s! Instead of a review of one book, you guys are getting a review of an entire series! How exciting! I am going to be reviewing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series today, it is going to be a very ‘surface’ review, so if any of you want a more in depth review of one of the books in this amazing series, just let me know!

First of all I want to mention just how amazingly well the mythology in these books works. I can imagine a lot of other authors attempting at taking multitudes of Greek myths and trying to make a book out of it, much less a series or two, and it not going over well. But Rick perfectly balances the mythology with his own creation of a world. He never went so in depth with the mythology that the reader seems utterly lost, but you are immersed in a classical civilizations polytheistic religion just enough to draw you, inescapably, into the story. I will say that The Last Olympian and The Lightening Thief are my two favourite books of this series. The Titan’s Curse was my least favourite, but none of these ever went below a 3.5 star rating! This series drags you right into Percy’s world from the first page. And Rick’s writing is so full of satire that you can’t help but chuckling awkwardly to yourself when you realize that you are reading in public and people can hear you laugh!

The characters, lets get started on the characters. I found that none of the characters fell flat for me, which is a feat in itself in a series. But all of the characters in these books are multidimensional and give the story that much more of a reason to encapsulate and enslave your brain to the tale. And Percy! How I love Percy! He might just be making the list of some of my all time favourite characters! That boy is witty beyond belief and I love reading from his perspective and just about him in general. He reminds me a lot of Harry from the Harry Potter series, and I love Harry too, so it makes sense! Also, Grover is awesome in the first book, I did not like him as much in the rest of them, but the point is still valid nonetheless. I also find that Annabeth and Percy just feed really well off of each other through this whole series, and they always seem to balance each other out.

The inclusion of the Gods and Goddesses also makes for a lot awesome literary opportunities! Apollo kills me every time he was in a section of the book, and just how human he portrayed some of the Gods was a really interesting way to view them. Although some, like Zeus, Aphrodite and Athena retain their ethereal and eternal standpoint it is interesting to see them depicted in ways that differ from the giants sitting in the clouds. This series is just an overall good read and I recommend all those who are interested in reading it to just give it a shot. I think I finished this whole series in just over a week, and I truly enjoyed it.

Yet again, if you want a more in-depth review of any of these books just let me know!

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