Cover Review: Even in Paradise by Chelsea Philpot

The other week Kobo sent me a dangerously tempting email about my ‘weekend offer’ this one was promoting their sale on YA contemporary books. I have currently been going through a YA contemporary book binge. So, naturally, I bought some more ebooks, Even in Paradise, being one of the titles that I added to my cart.

I have heard this book described as a mixture between The Great Gatsby and Looking for Alaska. I have also heard that the latter of the two novels can be replaced by We Were Liars for comparison. I personally love all three of these books, and The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favourite books. With this all being said, one can see how excited I was that this ebook was on sale for under $5 CDN. Anyway, I will stop talking about how excited I am to read this book, and I will start talking about what I think about the cover!

Well, this cover obviously makes it look like a fun summer read (look how deep I am!). But in all seriousness, this books cover even reminds me of We Were Liars the font used and how the word ‘paradise’ is designed truly reminds me over the We Were Liars cover. This book has been getting some mixed reviews, but I am still ecstatic at the idea of reading it! What I also find very interesting is the fact that this cover is hard to get anything from. Even looking at the We Were Liars cover does not give you any revelations as to what the book will be about though. Maybe this book will be like the Colleen Hoover covers I have reviewed, it all makes sense in the end! If not, I don’t think I will be too disappointed though!

Anyway, if anybody has read this book or even if you have something to say about it let me know in the comments! I am genuinely curious!

Keep designing your own catastrophe…



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