Author Spotlight: Alice Sebold

Every time I’m scheduled to do one of these posts I never do. So although it’s a week late her is an author spotlight!

I was thinking about who would be interesting to do when I looked up and saw my book for school, The Lovely Bones, just lying on my bed mocking me for not finishing my conclusion on my essay. Then I remembered Alice Sebolds powerful story about how she became an author in the first place.


Alice Sebold was walking home one night through the university campus when she was attacked and brutally raped. The police told her that she was “lucky” because the last girl that was attacked in this same area was killed. After the incident she became depressed, dropped out of school and started turning to drugs to rid her of the pain.

Eventually she decided she wanted to write a story about someone being put into a similar situation like her so she wrote her debut novel Lucky based off of the saying that police officer said to her long ago.

She now is a #1 National Bestseller and her book Lovely Bones has from what I hear an amazing movie adaptation.

I am so moved by how strong she was to overcome something as horrific as what she suffered through. Many people would not bounce back from something like this.

If you have any interest in reading any of Sebolds work check out the links below!

Goodreads  Amazon  Wikipedia

Keep on reading…

Jordan 🙂


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