Book Review: 99 Days by Katie Cotungo

If you have not realized by now I will come out and state it forthright. I have been on a contemporary kick, and not just a regular phase either. I read a book a day for a week straight – all of them contemporaries. I know that some of you may read that much on a regular basis, but I surely do not! Though if I had the time to I would love it! 99 Days has been one of the books I have read over this contemporary kick, and seeing as there is a lot of buzz around this book, I thought I should review it for all of you deciding whether or not you should read it!

This Review Will be Spoiler Free

To start out with, the concept is really intriguing. The protagonists mother writes a book inspired by her daughter’s teenage life, and it is published when she is still a teenager. The book reveals things about her that she wished never did, and then drama ensues. If there is anything that popular contemporary literature teaches us, it’s that running away to a boarding school does not fix your problems. Yet, Molly seems to do just that. When she returns for the summer before attending college she has to face the problems she left behind.

I am going to be honest, I had some issues with Molly at times. She was tough to relate to and always wallowed in her own pity. She hid from her problems by using documentaries and candy as her shield. Though I did not like Molly, I did enjoy reading about some of the other characters, and I felt that is what made me like the book as much as I did. Gabe was so cute, and Patrick exudes a certain quality that just draws you to him. Molly’s Mom was also a character that I genuinely liked. I feel like I was supposed to hate her, because she started all the drama that Molly has to deal with. In all honesty, Molly brought all of her own trouble on herself. And if her mother didn’t write about it, her secrets would have been revealed anyway. Molly seems to be the person who deflects their own problems on everyone else, and it is slightly annoying.

Getting past complaining about Molly though, I thought the rest of the characters were well adapted to the story and really helped to add dimension to it. In all honesty, if I read this book in the winter I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did. This is a book that you should read during the summer, or the spring when the teasing glimpses of summer are driving you bonkers. This is a book that is made purely to escape for a couple of hours, not to teach you something or reshape your outlook on life. But, it does not claim to do the latter either. This book was intriguing and entertained me. Am I going to pound Jordan’s door down telling her to read it? No. If Jordan chooses to read it I definitely want to know her opinions on it, but this book is nothing to write home about.

In short, I feel like this read is perfect for if you are on a summer contemporary kick. Or if you are going to the beach and you need a good read for your time ‘sun-tanning’ (I cannot tan – only burn – so I honestly have no idea how people sun tan, also I don’t know how people don’t become extremely bored while just lying there, it is one of the many mysteries of life I guess).

I read a goodreads review that said that people who read this book will either love it or hate it, and I feel like I am suspended in between both love and hate. I love certain parts, and despise others. So I guess you could say that whoever wrote that is not entirely incorrect, but I feel like this book both gives and takes.

And for all of you who have a 99 day summer, I just wanted to tell you that that is one long a$# summer. And you better do a lot of reading over that extended period of time!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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