Cover Review: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

If you have been reading any of the blog posts over the past week you have probably picked up on my excitement for P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han, that is coming out on May 26th! I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in late April and fell in love with the story. It may be one of my favourite YA contemporaries, and in honour of the fact that I am ecstatic for the book to come out, I decided to celebrate with a good ol’ Cover Review!


To truly talk about this cover I thought it would be best to put its former beside it. I like how this book keeps the integrity of the first cover, showing how Lara Jean has retained her own personality, and has developed a sense of self that exceeds what she used to hold true. The cover shows just how connected these two books are going to be, while still showing that she has undergone some sort of change. The lighting has changed, as well as her overall style, and her focus seems to have moved away from herself. This can be seen through her change in posture and where her gaze has been averted. Actually, don’t take my word for this, I may have my mind chalked full of ideas from last semesters’ Psychology class. The cover to P.S. I Still Love You shows that the integrity of the first novel will be kept, and because of this I am adding to my excitement for this new release.

You know what I just realized – I am leaving on a plane for 11 weeks in a month. One month, and I am gone for literally my whole summer. I won’t see Jordan the entire time (unless she decides to come visit me out in British Columbia). In all honesty, I am a bit nervous to go, but at the same time I know that ‘adventure is out there,’ and that my experiences there, either good or bad, will teach me things that I wouldn’t be able to learn staying home all summer.

Anyway, you guys didn’t click on this page to hear me rant about getting on a plane, so I am going to leave you here, with the excitement of knowing that P.S. I Still Love You is coming out in three days.

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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