Book Review: All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang

Have I ever mentioned to all of you about how much I truly love the book community? Well if I haven’t take that as my most sincere of apologies, because it is an unalienable fact that I love books, and furthermore the book community. Authors, readers, writers all coming together to make this interconnected virtual community, it is truly an astounding thing. I recently read All I’ve Never Wanted by Ana Huang, and let me tell you that this book will satisfy your need for an awesome contemporary from the second your eyes start travelling over the page! I read this book in just over a day, and it was truly awesome!

*This review will be spoiler free

This book creates such a distinct world, all while retaining a sense of realism, which in my opinion is what a contemporary should really do. Transport you to a place just crazy enough to believe, but removed enough from your own life that you still feel like you are escaping when you open the book. I instantly related with Maya’s strong-willed and stubborn character, and the way that her life is integrated into the life of the Scion’s is addicting to read about. This book brings in the opulence of the obscenely rich, and integrates it seamlessly into the life of a regular teenage girl. Seamless may not be the right word in all honesty, because hilarity does ensue. I have always had an affinity for strong-willed and stubborn characters, and with Maya and Roman in the same book it is a real treat to a bibliophile!

This book is also inspired by Manga, which I think is super cool! I have never been big on Manga or graphic novels or anything, but I know Jordan is, and she has been raving about how cool it is that two separate nerd worlds of hers are colliding! And if any of you have heard of this book, it is not surprising to me because it is a Wattpad Original! How cool is that!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. This book incorporated just the right amount of humour with seriousness to make it a truly enjoyable read. It was not jam packed with jokes, and it was not so serious that it was depressing and dragging. And don’t even get me started on Maya’s grandmother in the story. She may very well be one of my favourite ever literary characters, that grandmother is snarky, sassy, and downright hilarious. In all honesty, if there was a book just about that grandmother i would probably read it! Kidnappings, makeovers, romance, puppies, Mickey Mouse, and Almond Joys have never been brought together as amazingly as they have been in this book. It brings in all the struggles that the average teenager faces, making the characters relatable and likeable, but it also integrates aspects of a parallel reality, and one that accompanies obscene wealth.

Besides the grandmother there are a multitude of other characters that add depth and hilarity to the story. Venice and her outrageous admiration for puppies and dogs reminds me exactly of Jordan and I’s friend Sydney. We are all worried for when she actually gets her licence because any time I am driving she will be talking and then cut-off mid sentence because she is distracted from some fluffy animal. Maya is funny in her own right, especially because of the trouble her stubborn attitude gets her into. The rest of the Scions’ bring their own person humour and flair into the book as well, and it creates really well rounded characters.

The only thing that I will criticize about this book is that sometimes I got confused with the narrative. Sometimes I would think that it is from Maya’s point of view, and other times it felt like I was looking down on the scene. It just confusing every once and a while, but it took nothing away from the story! I have read books that are worded like that before and I tend to get a little lost every once and a while. But Maya’s perspective on everything is hilarious, especially at the beginning of the novel, especially when you are first getting introduced to Valesca Academy.

The one thing I tend to get nervous about when reading some contemporaries is the lag that can often be found just after the middle of the book, but I can confidently say that I did not find any such thing in this book. It is entertaining, enthralling, and relatable in the most bizarre of ways.

All I’ve Never Wanted is available for purchase on June 9th 2015 off of Amazon, but if you can’t wait until then to start this awesome story then you can check out a sample on Wattpad!

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* An ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of this book was given to us in exchange for an honest review. *


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