Quote of the Week

Quotes, quotes, quotes. O’ how they can be cleverly thought out, or how they can be spur of the moment sayings that impact some person, in some way, so deeply that they feel the need to quote you on it. Anyway, I am here bringing you a tidbit of inspiration to get you all through the week!

I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you don’t know, The Great Gatsby has long since been on my list of ‘all time favourite books’. The intricate wording and immense amounts of detail that surround the opulence of West Egg have enchanted me every time I have opened this book. The characters are so real they seem almost tangible, and the story so vivid it appears to be reality. And I am so glad that my English class is finally getting around to reading this short novel. This will be Jordan’s first time reading this, so we will have to see if she likes it! I chose this quote from the novel because it is one of my favourites, but since I always find myself explaining my own perspective on these quotes, I thought I would just post this one so you all can enjoy it. Have it mean what it means to you, and do not have my understanding of this quote taint your own. Because we all know that would be a horror unparalleled in the realm of favourite books. Let me know what your opinion on The Great Gatsby is. Love? Hate? Somewhere in between?

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…


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