Fandom News: Shadowhunters Tv Update

If you have been on this blog for a while you may have seen my Mortal Instruments obsession a while back. I still love the series and will always continue to read her books but it was very obsessive a while ago!

Annnnnywaaays, we have finally heard news, casting news, about the new tv adaptation called Shadowhunters. This tv show is a 13 episode a season show that was picked up by ABC family (don’t quote me on that) and the other day we were finally told who is going to play Jace! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! dododododododdododod daaaaaaaa!!!


dominic-sherwood-va-quotes dominic-sherwood-taylor-swift-style-guy 809970633

yes a shirtless picture was totally necessary in this situation….or any situation…DONT JUDGE ME!

I think he will be a great Jace and while I didn’t like the Vampire Academy movie I still think the acting wasn’t awful. The people behind this tv show said that they will be telling us who is going to play Clary in the next week or so! I will be trying to keep you updated as much as possible!

Keep on fangirling…

Jordan πŸ˜›


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