Cover Review: An Etiquette Guide to the End Times by Maia Sepp

For all of you who own an e-reader, you are probably also accustomed to the emails that the company sends you about promotions and ‘recommended books’. And might I just say, that I truly enjoy these emails. I love seeing what I should potentially read next! It is like a book opening itself up to you rather than you going to search one out. Anyway, I was going through some of those emails the other day and they had an April Sale on a number of their pre-selected novels. One of them beingย An Etiquette Guide to the End Timesย by Maia Sepp. This book has a cover that I honestly enjoy looking at. Like, if this was art I would frame it and put it in my house!

I love how there is a chicken in the middle of it! Like how cool is that! And – the chicken has a gas mask on (this book is just getting better and better!) I also love how the font is so eloquently juxtaposed against the title, something dainty pegged against something so dark and mysterious! And the fact that the chicken is standing on the plate just adds a whole other dimension to this cover, and I if I knew who designed this cover I would seek them out just to give them a high five! When I read this novella I will definitely tell you guys what I think of it, because this cover is hilarious and super cool, all rolled into one!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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