Book Review: The Dream Thieves

After hearing so many positive things about the Raven Cycle Series, I asked for the first 3 books in the series for xmas. I read The Raven Boys back in January and while I enjoyed it, I found it very difficult to get into. This is why it has taken me so long to pick up The Dream Thieves. But I finally have! *THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW FOR THE RAVEN CYCLE SERIES*8472014340_eaf9d61d77

If you haven’t heard of The Raven Cycle, it’s basically about a girl named Blue. Blue’s entire family are psychics, however she doesn’t have any kind of sight powers. She is like a battery of sorts, when she is around their is more energy in the air and her family can get a better reading and see more paths, and so on and so forth. Blue ends up being dragged into a world of ley lines and magical wish granting kings by these four Raven Boys. However, one looks very familiar….oh! and I also forgot to mention that overtime she has been to a reading she receives the same prediction overtime, “If you kiss your true love they will die.” How amazing eh?

Anyways, the Dream Thieves focuses more on Ronan who is one of the Raven Boys but isn’t shown very intensely in the first novel. He becomes more of the main character and less of just a comedy relief/dark brooding character and more of someone you start to root for. My favourite part of this series so far, no doubt whatsoever, is the characters. I have never been so in love with every main character before. They are all so different but in spite of that they all seem to click when they are together. The Raven Boys and Blue all go through massive character development, some in a positive way and some not so much.

Now onto my actual thoughts on the second book in the series. Although it was once again hard for me to get into the novel, and when I say “get into” I mean 100 pages or more, I did really enjoy it and loved it even more than the first! Now that the world of ley lines and Cabeswater and mythology makes sense to me and any reader there is so much more going on and so much more to find out about the world as well as the characters. Their is also a more hint at possible romances in the future which I am really excited to see come forth in the third book Blue Lily, Lily Blue, which I have already started and am over halfway through. The ending was intense and very well laid out and I want to find out what happens so badly but I know that when I am done the third book I will have to wait until September for the fourth and final book! And September seems like forever and a day away!

The Raven Boys (Goodreads page) for more info on the series click!!! Well click the part that is annotated not just the page cause that won’t do anything.

Anyways, it was definitely better than the first in my opinion and I hope you guys give this series a try. Just remember that the writing style is very descriptive, so just give it a second! It gets good I swear!

Let me know what you think of this series if you have read it!

Keep on reading..

Jordan 🙂


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Dream Thieves

  1. The Raven Cycle series is “hard” to get into. The story starts out really slow which frustrated me at times, but overall I do like the series. Good review!

  2. I just finished reading The Raven Boys! at first I thought that its not the book for me, but then halfway through it OMG i just got hooked. and yes, what I love about it was the characters too and the writing as well. Also, i was rooting for Ronan from that moment he took the raven! cant wait to pick this book next 😀

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