Book Review: [Un]remembered by Jessica Brody

Hello there internet world! And welcome, today, as per usual, we will be discussing the wonders of books. Specifically, the wonders of [Un]remembered by Jessica Brody.

Let me start off by saying that I bought this book on a whim during one of Kobo’s promotions some time last year. I had never heard anything about that book and it seemed interesting, so I loaded up my e-cart and bought a bunch of books. Do I regret the purchase? Not at all. Considering that I got this book for $3.38 (CDN), it was a great deal for the enjoyment that the book brought!

*This Review will be spoiler free!*

Okay, lets talk about the book now. This book started out in a way that immediately drew me in, within the first few pages I was hooked. It leaves you on a cliff struggling to find out more, and your eyes just tear up the rest of the pages. This book left a hunger inside my mind to read, and more importantly to enjoy what I was reading. This book was equally mystical, suspenseful, exciting, and endearing. The characters piqued my curiosity and the references to pop culture were fun and kept things relevant and interesting. While at the same time, the tie in to Shakespeare made me appreciate how literature transcends time. This book reminded me that I love easy reads, and also reminded me that sci-fi aspects are also fun in books! I have shied away from Science-Fiction for a while now, mainly because the books always seem large and daunting, but I have realized that I may have a real inclination to read more of that genre from this book. My only complaint in this book was that the ending was no fun (in my standards – but I am really picky with endings, just ask Jordan!). Anyway, if you are looking for a quick and fun read that will pique your curiosity definitely check this one out!

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