Book Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher

I cannot believe that I am finally getting around to reviewing this book, it feels like it has took me forever to read it, and now I feel like it has taken me even longer to get around to reviewing the book. Nonetheless, let us dive in to our little niche in the massive and growing internet world, book reviews.

Let me start out by saying that I read 25% of this book, and then I put it down and started reading it at a later time. This was an incredibly foolish decision on my part, especially because I was just one chapter away from actually getting interested in the book. Because of my previous statement,  I should probably clarify by stating that the beginning of the book is very intriguing, it is mysterious, thrilling and you want to keep turning the pages. But after that initial thrill of the book wears off you are stuck a few chapters in, and unsure of what to do. Should you keep reading? Should you give up altogether, or should you pick yp tha book at a later date? The choice is yours, but personally, I just stuck it back on my shelf and decided to read it another day. And when I picked the book back up again I was determined to finish it, and I barrelled through it with that goal in mind. Where I picked the book back up again it was still dry, and I was pretty bored with how it was turning out. Disappointed may even be a better word to use. And then, almost suddenly, I acquired a strange appreciation for the book. It is definitely not my favourite book to read, nor do I think that I will ever re-read it. But it did give me something to think about, and it touched on some deeper themes than were initially present. The book was dark, but not dark enough to be considered an entirely inky book. It had moments when it felt light and airy, and then the whole mood would shift and I would realize the gravity of the situation, and just how dire it really is. The book commanded my attention at the end though, and i felt that if I did not give it that attention that I would miss out on some deep truth. That was not entirely true, but my affection for the book did both simultaneously grow and shrink when reading the end of the novel. It was an ending I both liked and disliked, which is peculiar because I usually love or hate endings. There is usually no middle ground in my opinions.

Anyway, If any of you have read Stolen I would love to hear your opinions. Feel free to comment, email, find me on twitter and tweet me, comment on my Instagram photos, or scream at me across oceans, or from wherever you may be…

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