Fandom News: Scorch Trials Stills

With the first movie, The Maze Runner doing great at the box office grossing a total of $328 million world wide they cast began production of the second movie, the Scorch Trails as soon as possible. And now the stills are rolling out, here they are below:

tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o4_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o3_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o6_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o2_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o1_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o5_500

tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o7_500 tumblr_nl2c1i9Hod1rr4o07o8_500




They look very intense so far! I can’t wait until we get a trailer! I really just want to see this movie because Thomas Brodie Sangster is in it but you know….

Keep on reading…

Jordan πŸ™‚



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