Fandom News: Paper Towns Trailer

If any of you are not aware, the Paper Towns movie will be hitting theatres on July 24th, and because of that quickly approaching release date, they dropper the trailer yesterday. So I am here to attempt to give you some updated information on the movie, and hopefully fulfil your inner fangirl needs.

First comes first, the cast:

It has Nat Wolff (played Isaac in TFIOS), and Cara Delevingne. I am super excited to see Nat in another John Green movie, and I am interested to see how Cara will portray Margo. But, lets get on to the truly exciting part of this post; the trailer.

Anyone have any pressing thoughts, ideas, beliefs, or opinion that you have a sudden urge to express and post on the internet for the world to see? Leave them in the comments!

Thats all for today though, so I will leave you with stating something that I always do, keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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