Book Review: Confess by Colleen Hoover

If you have been following this blog for the past three months, you would be well-aware of my recent Colleen Hoover obsession, and the epic proportions to which it has exploded. I have currently read 4 books by Colleen Hoover, all within this year, and I have enjoyed reading all of them. After I bought and finished Slammed within a number of days I thought I was safe from buying any more Colleen Hoover books for a while, and I was going to begin focusing on the books that I already have piling up to read. But then March 10th hit like a storm, and little did I know that CoHo was going to be dropping a book that day. I was casually sitting in the library during my eLearning period, and casually was scrolling through the kobo website looking for something to read on the bus. And then I saw the book on my recommended page, and I almost fainted. Confess. It was right there, a mere 3 clicks away from being added to my e-book collection. And I made those 3 clicks with a swiftness that is usually only found in a cheetah. And there it was, downloading on to my portable reading tablet. I started reading it, and I finished reading it within a mere few days. And I loved it for those three days more than I love Frozen Yogurt (which is quite a bit). Anyway, this is all besides the point, you all are here to find out what I thought of the book, well I won’t have you waiting any longer.

This book is enthralling, the story draws you in during the first few pages, and your curiosity wanders all throughout the pages, all while having you scramble to cram the words and the story inside your head in record time. The beginning of this book opened in a way that is enticing, and slightly shocking. It lets you guess as to what is going to happen, and you don’t want your eyes to leave the page. The bibliophile inside you will devour your mind while you read this book, I promise you that. Colleen’s books are all easy to read, and they are quick reads, but inside them are stories so enjoyable and yet so heart wrenching that you want to quote Shakespeare and recite soliloquies during sunrise. One of my favourite parts of this whole story is the fact that a huge unknown truth is dropped on you in the middle of the book, and you will not be expecting it. I guessed the rest of the plot, and was like 98% correct, but that one truth that deeply affects the lives of the characters dropped in the centre of the book is what really made me appreciate this novel. It showed that even though Colleen’s stories revolve around the love two people supposedly have for each other, there is always room for the love to go around. The characters in this book were not as relatable as some of the characters in her other books, but in a way I really appreciated that. It showed me that not all characters have to hold parallels to your own life or the lives of those you know, for you to enjoy the story. This book also showed how beautifully that readers can impact a story, seeing as there are actual confessions from people in the novel, and they beautifully intertwine the land of reality from a fictional world. The confessions go to show that sometimes the truth is more shocking than fiction, and that nothing can take away from the truth in a persons anonymity, and what people are willing to express when they are behind an impenetrable barrier of secrecy. The artwork shown in this book is also so beautifully used that it is impossible for the reader not to marvel at how well different forms of art can work together to make something so utterly astonishing. It helps to evoke emotion without the use of words, and yet having them be the anchor behind the feeling all at the same time. This book, in short, is nothing short of being deemed of some of Colleen’s best work. This book is my second favourite CoHo book, coming in a close second to Ugly Love. But in general, Colleen’s books are just a great escape. For a few short hours, I forget where I am and the stresses that I deal with in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.

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