Book Review: White Bird in a Blizzard by Laura Kasischke

Mystery. Suspense. Eloquent Language. Kick Butt Foreshadowing. A Plot to Die For. What more do you want in a novel?

*This Will Be a Spoiler Free Review*

I read White Bird in a Blizzard within the last month, and I must say that that book is a hands-down 5 stars from me. It has everything you would want in a book like that and so much more. Each page keeps you yearning for more, and at the same time you aren’t quite sure why.

It seems like you know the ending, and then BAM! It hits you, a twist to end them all. The ending of this book is so well set up, and so well depicted that you don’t fully register it at first. And furthermore, you don’t see it coming. This book contained all I was looking for in it, and I am so happy that I have read it. If you guys haven’t yet figured out that I am not a huge fan of sappy and happy endings, then you will know that this ending is none of those things. This book creates the perfect amount of suspense, and the point of view it is told through is one that adds another thick and elaborate layer of storytelling on to an already amazing plot. The book is full of descriptive language, and text that is highly reminiscent of poetry, in the most gorgeous way possible. This book not only allows the reader to feel like they are inside the story, but completely block out the world around them when they are reading. I have been doing a lot of reading on the bus to and from school with my headphones on lately, and I can confidently say that this book not only blocks out the boisterous noise coming from the people around me, but I can’t even remember the album I most likely had on repeat while reading this novel. Your mind is transported, and you don’t want to leave the world to be brought back to your own.

I highly recommend that everyone who can read this book does so. The only catch – the publisher did not print too many copies, so the ones that are kicking around are super expensive, meaning that eBook is the way to go!

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