Cover Review: House of Hades

Technically I have read…*checks book* 18 pages of House of Hades but I think I can still do a quick cover review before I pick up this book and hopefully finish it by Monday….House_of_Hades_cover_art

The House of Hades by Rick Riordan seems like it’s going to be a pretty intense book. There has been so much drama in the last few books and now that the group is somewhat separated I think reading from everyones point of view is going to be a lot more interesting….

The cover is a lot darker than the other ones and features Percy and Annabeth struggling to hold each other up. I think it might symbolize that they are their last resort and if they fail to do their job then bye bye world!

Okay well I really want to go read this now so bye!

Keep on reading…

Jordan 🙂


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