Fandom News: The DUFF Movie

The DUFF movie is now a week away from being released, but I (being the sneaky blogger I am) found a way to see the movie early. I ended up scoring some tickets to an advance screening of the movie on Wednesday, and I was pretty excited about it. In having this opportunity, I will not be doing a review of the movie right now, but I will wait until after it comes out. Today though, I just wanted to talk a little bit about the movie and what you guys should be looking out for when you go and see it next week!

First of all, expect a lot of changes from the book. The characters and parts of the storyline have remained the same, but a lot was changed. The movie was still entertaining, but I definitely recommend reading the book (as one always should) before you sit down with a vat of buttery popcorn to enjoy the show on the silver screen.

Second point to make, some strange stuff happened while watching the show. Let me tell you the story of what went on that one snowy Wednesday night…

I left the house at 5 to pick up our friends Julia and Kassie (Jordan was unable to go). Traffic was busy and I didn’t end up getting to Kassie’s house until around 5:45, the show was at 7 and the tickets said to get there early to make sure you get a seat on time because there was no admittance after 7. This being said, Google Maps was getting us there just fine until that one dreaded roundabout. It said to take the first exit out of the roundabout, and it really meant the second. We ended up figuring that out, but we went a respectable distance out of the way before we realized this. Turning around, we got back to the roundabout and took the correct exit, the time said we would get there for 7:03, but that was not acceptable. Going slightly over the speed limit we ended up knocking the time down to 6:57! But then we got to the city where the show was, and traffic got crazy. Finally, we got to the theatre, grabbed the tickets and our purses, locked the car, and sprinted toward the doors gleaming with the light ensuing from the popcorn machines. Reaching the doors we threw them open and stepped into the land that was advance screenings, seeing the ticket person standing at his pedestal of ticket ripping glory, we approached him and shakily handed him the tickets. “The DUFF will be shown in theatre 10 tonight ladies, enjoy the show!” We made it! I checked my watch, and it read 7:59, exactly a minute to spare. Entering theatre 10, we knew that this was a story we were going to have to share at the lunch table tomorrow at school, but the best part had barely even happened. Our feet took us closer to where the seats were, and then they finally came into vision. The only rows left were the 2 front rows, so we sat down with the elegance of a 5 year old and prepared for a movie that we hoped would live up to the standards the book set for it. Sitting down, there was a boy that was at the end of the row, who then approached me and asked to sit beside me; because, and I quote, “Sitting in the corner alone is no fun.”. I obliged, and he took a seat beside me. Little did I know that not only was he going to talk throughout the whole movie, but he also smelled of ketchup and dirty socks. I am still questioning how those two smells mixed together to smell of something so horribly wretched, but those thoughts were soon interrupted by the loud commentary now coming from the seat to the right of me. It started out with him saying that he shared the same last name as Jessica, and then saying, “that is so *beeped* up.”. There is one scene in the movie where Bianca dresses in clothes that are not only unflattering, but inescapably humiliating, to which he responds, “she better not go outside dressed like that, or she for sure won’t be getting any boyfriends.”. This being said, there is a scene in which a boy puts his sweater on Bianca because she was cold,  to that he stated, “Darn it, he is stealing all my moves.”. And then he leaned into me, ketchup and dirty sock stench and all. I leaned away, and into Julia gasping for breath when the volume in the movie went up an octave. I wanted to laugh at what was happening, but at the same time I knew that it would be rude to my seat neighbour, so I waited patiently and attempted to focus on the movie and ignore the rest of his strange comments. Which, by the way, was practically impossible, because throughout the continuous stream of ketchup and dirty socks, he also kept leaning further into my seat, and I further to the left. The credits then rolled, the lights raised, clapping ensued, and I made a beeline for the theatre exit doors. Julia in front of me, with Kassie before her we all doubled over with laughter and comments on the strange seat partner that we became acquainted with during the movie.

And there you go, not only a story about seeing a movie before it was released, but also a story of even while you are watching the DUFF, and coming to terms with the fact that you are one, your nostrils can still be bombarded, and your seat overtaken by random movie-theatre strangers.

If you guys read that whole thing I hope you got a laugh, and if you skipped it, I hope you cackled while scrolling toward the end of this page.

Remember, to keep on designing your own catastrophe, and to go see the  DUFF in theatres on the 20th at your local cinema!



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