Author Spotlight: Cecelia Ahern

If you guys are not aware, the Love Rosie movie was just made available in Canada and the USA on iTunes and that means that Jordan and I can finally watch the movie to the book that we have both loved! I posted a review on the book too, so make sure to check that out! But to celebrate the fact that we can now watch this movie I will be doing this Author Spotlight on Cecelia Ahern, author of Love, Rosie and P.S. I Love You!

Cecelia Ahern is the daughter of a former Irish Prime Minister, she published her first book, P.S. I Love You, when she was 21, and the book soon climbed its way into the hearts and souls of readers around the world. The book became a national bestseller in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Not long after, she published another book referred to by many names; but loved by many more. Love, Rosie, Rosie Dunne and Where Rainbows End are all names for this spectacular book that is told entirely through a series of letters, and has now been released as a movie. P.S. I Love You, has also been made into a movie (as I am sure you are all aware of), and is equally as cherished.

Cecelia usually writes books in the ‘romance’ category, but her stories are truly much more than that. She encompasses her characters and make them leap out of the page at you all while transporting you into an alternate world inside the book and creating truly miraculous tales.

Her stellar writing career is also accompanied by one of the television screen. She was a co-creator of Samantha Who? a comedy show for ABC. She has recently won an Irish Book Award (2014) for her newest novel, The Year I Met You. Her TV show, Samantha Who?, has also won a plethora of awards, among the ranks of them a few Emmy’s.

Want to hear more from Cecelia Ahern? Check out her…

Website     Twitter

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Hope you are all having a lovely day, and that you are still designing your own catastrophes…



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