Fandom News: New Insurgent Trailer and Posters

Divergent. Insurgent. Allegiant.

Divergent is out, and has left us all hanging for more, and there comes Insurgent. Insurgent is said to be released on March 20th 2015 in Canada, and Jordan is ecstatic!

Fun Fact: The movie comes out a day after her birthday!

Anyway, we have the first Insurgent Trailer out…

As well as teasers…

And even some cheeky sneak peeks…

But are we all ready for this epic second instalment without a few more posters? The answer, no.

So, I hope that this has helped to subdue your case of Fandom Fever, a relatively new viral infection that occurs when Fanpeople are left without contact from their fandom in a while. Have you seen our Bagelopcalypse post? That is an extreme case of Fandom Fever, and we are here to help prevent the spread of the illness!


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