Quote of the Week

I have taken to tumblr again, and in doing so have found a quote that I will dissect and remove layers of vague wording, so that you, our readers, can have a sneak peak as to what goes on in my brain! Anyway, here is the quote…


Okay, you caught me. It is not a quote, per say.Β But it is a series of words that form a statement, and in doing so we are using it for the purposes of the blog today! This quote is especially significant to me right now, because as Jordan and I have been mentioning, we are currently in exam week! I have four exams this semester (as per usual), which consist of Anthro/Psych/Sociology, The World and the West (History), Functions (Math), and Biology. I have already written my first two exams, and Functions is tomorrow, followed by Biology the next day. I realize that i write all these study notes, and then 5 seconds after I hand in my exam, they are next to worthless. That is because the likelihood of me ever needing to use that information again (especially in Functions), is slim to none. We learn more from experiences than 5 months in a classroom will teach us, and in many ways I am thankful. I have been blessed with the opportunities to explore parts of the world that I used to never imagine i would explore, and from those experiences I have learned much. Sometimes I classify myself as ‘worldly’, but then I realize that I have not seen enough of the world to use that term – but I have seen enough to know that I want to use that term to classify myself one day. I have learned to say ‘hello’, in many languages, but that does not mean I am wise. I have learned how to find my way around a city I have never been in before, but that does not make me a cartographer. I have learned what to carry in my purse, but that does not make me a lifestyle expert. At the age of 16, it is hard to say that I am worldly, wise, or even that I have accomplished much. But from the adventures that I have been on, I know that I want to be all of those things. And from that I have learned the greatest thing of all – passion and drive. All it takes is a reminder each morning, that today will be a stepping stone toward where you want to go, so get up, get going, and work toward making your dreams a reality – and don’t wait for someone to hand your dream to you on a silver platter.

Anyway, keep designing your own catastrophe…




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