Book Review: Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End) by Cecelia Ahern

The author of P.S. I Love you does it again, and does it in a way so amazing, the movie is coming out on Feburary 6th (in Canada and USA)!

Anyway, lets start with the basics of this book:

1. It was previously published as Where Rainbows End

2. It is written through a series of letters (email, tangible letters, instant messages, invitations, etc.)

3. The actual copy of the book consists of 512 pages of pure genius (I read it on my Kobo)

4. In the movie Rosie will be played by Lily Collins, and Alex by Sam Claflin

This book was enthralling, exciting, funny, and showed an aspect of life that I find many love stories tend to leave out – age. The majority of love stories that I read occur in the late teens to mid to late twenties, and the rest of their lives are left up to the viewers imagination. But in Love, Rosie you get to see a great character development that starts when they are very young and extends throughout the majority of the rest of their lives. At first I was skeptical about this book, because I did not know if I was going to enjoy reading it through letters, but boy was I proved wrong. The fact that this story is told through letters adds that extra depth that really makes this book shine. This book showed that love can come in a variety of forms, and that just because you make mistakes in your life does not mean that they will dictate your life. In saying this, at times I found the characters in Love, Rosie so frustrating, but it is simply because you always want the best for them. And, obviously, their lives seem to throw them curveballs every chance it can get, forcing the characters farther from the path they should be on and making a great story. This book was one that I can honestly say I devoured, but it is not one of those read in one night books, o’ it is so much better than that. It is one of those books that you devour slowly, surely and honestly, forcing you to stop every so often and examine the situation at hand. It shows the harsh side of love, and what happens when it maybe wasn’t even love at all. This is a story that lasts the characters a lifetime, and has an ending that is to die for. I am so excited to see this book become a movie and I can’t wait to see how they bring the story through letters to life!

Looking to buy the book? Check it out at any of these places:

Chapters/Indigo     Kobo     Barnes&Noble     Amazon     The Book Depository

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