Fandom News: Supernatural Season 11?

I have three words for you all.

Supernatural Season 11.


Yeup. Thats right kids, this amazing show will be continuing for another season. But you all know what that means, another hellatus (hiatus), more feels, and a heck of a lot more Sam, Dean and Castiel.

But remember the promise that the president of CW gave? Well here is a refresher, the president of CW, Mark Pedowitz, promised that the show will remain on air as long as there are visitors. So lets cheers to a season 11, and hopefully many more of this beloved show! In all honesty, I think he made that promise because he remembers what happened to 20th century Fox after they cancelled Roswell. Apparently enraged viewers sent thousands of Tabasco sauce (was a big part of the plot) bottles to the HQ of the company after they cancelled it, though I think they brought the show back for a brief bit after the Tabascopocalypse. But just imagine what the CW would have sent to their HQ if they cancelled Supernatural! I think that they might be sent some pies, a few demon binding chants, demon raising chants, death threats, plaid shirts, demon protectant symbols, and a whole wackload of stuff that would have conservative pioneers turning in their graves. Anyway, that is all for today guys! I just wanted to let you all know that Season 11 will soon be upon us, and then who knows what will happen (hopefully season 12)?

Keep designing your own catastrophe…



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