Book Review: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

As many of you know from my most recent posts I read the DUFF during December, and loved the book! But saying I loved it is not a review, now is it? Nope. It is a statement, so I am here today smacking my keyboard with my ridiculously pale hands to bring you a review of this lovely book. And don’t fret my fellow bibliophiles, this book review will be SPOILER FREE!

Lets start out with the basics, when first starting to read this book I thought it was going to be another one of those books with the darn teenage love triangle (been there, read that). But boy, was I wrong! This book had a hint of a love triangle, but anyone who reads the book knows that it is fickle and frivolous, and will not last. In fact I think that the hint of the love triangle actually added to the story rather than taking away from it in a stupidly cheesy way. This book also shocked me by exploring actual issues that teenagers face in their lives, like the divorce of parents, feeling like you really are the Designated Ugly Fat Friend and general feelings of nervousness bordering anxiety about decisions and the future in general. This book covered things that many books can sometimes shy away from, but it covered them in a way that generally shined a more positive light on things in the end. Sure Bianca (the main character and narrator), dealt with some pretty dark things, but the book showed that overcoming them is not as easy as some make it out to be, but it can lead to greater things in the end. Wesley on the other hand is one hot fictional character, and for that I want to thank Ms. Keplinger.

This book was funny, upbeat, and enthralling. I started reading and was immediately sucked into a vortex of words and an amazing storyline that included twists and turns after every page. Each chapter just beckoned you to read the next one, and each paged urged you to continue reading. And that is exactly what I did, and it’s exactly what I hope you will do!

Buy the DUFF at any of these places:

Chapters     Amazon     The Book Depository     Barnes & Noble     or check out Kody’s novel Shut Out available on Book Outlet

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