Blogmas Day 31: New Posting Schedule

No matter how many times I try I always spell schedule wrong on the first try. *sighhh*tumblr_inline_ndeb3vEP631sjm0on Anyways, today is the last day of Blogmas! We made it! Thanks to everyone who has put up with all of our crazy tags and posts and all that! And to everyone who has been with our blog since the start of the year thank you for sticking around for our craziness!

So to wrap-up the year I am going to be announcing our new posting schedule for 2015!tumblr_m37bv5U0LT1r0j9iv

So here is how a daily week will look on Cover Too Cover

Monday: Quote of the Week – a inspiring quote that will hopefully get you through Mondays and the rest of the week!

Tuesday: Author Spotlight – Every other week we will be having an author spotlight. This is basically a post dedicated to one of our favourite authors, talking about what books they have written, why they are one of our favourite authors and basically how they came to writing their beloved books in the first place!

Wednesday: Book Review – this is just the classic book review of the week where you can hear our thoughts on what we have recently read and all that jazz!

Thursday: Monthly Update – every two weeks once again each of us will do a personal monthly wrap-up talking about what books we have read and anything else exciting going on in our lives. This is so you can see what books we read but don’t chose to review that month!

Friday: Fandom News – we all like to stay on top of our favourite fandoms by knowing all the new news the moment it happens so hopefully we can help with that! If something big does happen before Friday you might be getting another extra post about it during the week as well!

Saturday: Cover Review –  we came up with the idea to do a cover review and it has been well received so far, at least I think so. Some people have mentioned that they really enjoy hearing our thoughts before we read the book….its even funnier when our guesses are totally off!

Sunday: God’s Day? This is basically the day we have off, if something comes up and we want to post about it we will but we have nothing specifically planned to go up on Sundays.

So thats our new schedule! We hope you like it! Please let us know what you think below because we want you guess to enjoy what we post!

Happy New Year and keep on reading.. and I love you guys! tumblr_nher2whwEm1sdh147o7_250

yes corny jokes from Ashton Irwin…i’m not even sorry

Jordan 🙂


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