Blogmas Day Thirty: Blogmas in Review

Blogmas is over tomorrow, and I have to admit that I am a little sad. I truly enjoyed posting every day about holiday themed posts and just chatting about books in general. But to look back on Blogmas and get ready for the new year we have a special announcement that will be posted tomorrow regarding our posting schedule for the new year, including an introduction of some pretty fun posts!

Anyway, to review what happened in Blogmas I will make a list:

1 – We kicked it off with what books I think you should gift people who aren’t super enthusiastic to read

2 – I did the Christmas Cracker book tag and talked about a lot of festive bookness

3 – I did the All I Want for Christmas Book Tag, and talked about how I want Daemon Black to be left under my Christmas tree

4 – Jordan talked about Harry Potter Christmas, and even though I am not entirely sure what that is, it includes Harry Potter and Christmas so I thought it was pretty cool!

5 – I shared my Christmas Holiday TBR list, which (for your information) is in progress, and i am almost done Origin!

6 – Jordan shared her Christmas Holiday TBR list, and she is taking a good whack at it too!

7 – Jordan did the Christmas Cracker Book Tag and shared how she would buy you all Quarantine by Lex Thomas as a present!

8 – I talked about what books I would gift people who love to read and also said that Quarantine would make a great present!

9 – I did the Christmas Carol Book tag and talked a lot about Mara Dyer (which I just finished and it is AMAZING)

10 – Jordan shared all of her favourite songs, and said that she loves to listen to Frosty the Snowman.

11 – Jordan shared all of the gifts that she would give people who read if you don’t know what books to get them! And it included, a kick butt bookshelf, and Harry Potter scented Candles!

12 – I posted ‘What to buy a Bibliophile for the Holidays’, and a fun fact about that was that it has been pre-scheduled since September!

13 – I shared how to get the best book deals and how to save money while buying books, tips to live buy (ha – punny) I say!

14 – I shared what Book Accessories I think would be cool to receive as gifts, that including a Personal Library Kit – which looks amazing!

15 – Jordan did the All I Want for Christmas Book Tag, and also said that Daemon Black under her Christmas Tree would be a great gift!

16 – Jordan shared her Christmas Book Wish List, and I think that she is super excited to read them all!

17 – Jordan did the Christmas Carol Book tag and told us that Jace from the Mortal Instruments series is her literary Frosty the Snowman

18 – I shared my Book Wish List!

19 – Jordan shared her list of what books she would give to people who don’t like to read!

20 – I shared what my favourite Holiday Songs were, and it truly was a Fairytale of New York proportions!

21 – Jordan did the Tis’ The Season Book tag and shared with us her love for Creme Brûlée Lattes!

22- I shared what some of my favourite Holiday Movies were, and told you that instead of writing that post I had to go feed the hog.

23 – I did the Tis’ The Season Book tag and let everyone know how much I love Chai Tea!

24 – I posted about Christmas Eve, and told everyone to make sure that they were having a very joyous Holiday Season!

25 – I wished you all a very Merry Christmas, and told you all my reading goals for next year!

26 – Jordan posted about the books she would gift readers!

27 – Jordan told us all about her favourite holiday movies, and how she likes to go up escalators in the splits!

28 – Jordan did her Book Haul for all of you!

29 – Jordan shared all of her Reading Goals for 2015!

30 – This post goes up!

31 – The Special Schedule Announcement!

I hope that you are all having a great 30th of December, and are ready to ring in the New Year!



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