Blogmas Day 27: Favourite Holiday Movie

My favourite holiday movie is one that I have seen so many times. Whether it’s close to xmas or my elementary school teachers just wanted to watch a movie, this is one that is almost always chosen no matter the occasion. My favourite holiday movie is Elf. tumblr_inline_myu2alK5FO1snby2y

I’m assuming all of you guys know about the movie Elf. It did extremely well, and is still watched every year by millions around the holidays. The humour is great for all ages and even if you don’t celebrate christmas you will still find yourself laughing your head off every year. tumblr_inline_n94wd0ogsU1s4b8vstumblr_ngdr0uyepL1sv2fpto1_500

Fun Facts about the movie Elf:

Will Ferrell (Buddy) was asked to do a sequel for $29 million and turned it down. tumblr_inline_ms1mynm4Gr1qz4rgp

The scene where Elf and the “fake” Santa get into a fight in the store was shot in one take because they didn’t want to spend time and money rebuilding the set.


So that is my favourite movie for the holidays! Whats yours? tumblr_inline_my9k4cH42J1rurv44

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Jordan 🙂


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