Blogmas Day Twenty-Five (Christmas Day): Reading in the New Year

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas Day with your family and a day of rest and relaxation!

To continue on with the festivities, I am going to make some reading resolutions to help me keep up with reading in the year to come! So here they are:

1 – Read 50 books (minimum) – my stress levels over the past year have skyrocketed, and I was unable to complete that, so I am hoping to be able to this year!

2 – Stop purchasing books until you finish all the ones I already own – I always tell myself I need more books, but I really don’t

3 – Enjoy What I am reading – Sometimes I have found myself reading books that I did not love this year, and I want to stop that. I feel like I should read what I like reading, and not read what I don’t find particularly interesting.

And, as of right now those are all my ideas for book resolutions, if I can think of any others I will edit this post and add them, but anyway, I hope you all had an awesome Christmas Day and are still basking in the happiness that the Holiday Season brings!



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