Blogmas Day Twenty-Three: Tis’ The Season Book Tag

Alright readers and internet surfers, are you getting pumped for Christmas yet? Well I know I am, so I thought there would be no better of a day then today to do the Tis’ The Season Book Tag, let’s dive right in!

1. Do you have a favorite Winter read?

I normally don’t read books by season or theme, so not really. But if I was to read books specifically because it is Winter I would choose Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

2. Find a book with blue on the cover!

I keep a lot of books on the mantle of my fireplace and the first book that I saw that has blue on i when I looked over was Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover, which I bought myself just last week!

3. Find a book you’d use as the star on a Christmas tree?

Even though its about death and such things the first thing I thought of was More than This by Patrick Ness because it is so bright under the cover!

4. Pick one fictional place that would be perfect for a Winter vacation!

My answer is the same as Jordans – Hogwarts, an answer that I don’t think needs any explaining!

5. Pick one fictional character you’d take with you on your Winter vacation!

Probably Noah Shaw from the Mara Dyer series, because I am almost done reading the final book and man, does that kid need a break!

6. Name one book on your Wishlist this year!

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palanhiuk is one of the books on my list, I want to read more of his writing considering how much I loved Lullaby!

7. Favorite Holiday drink, treat, & movie?

Drink – I normally don’t switch up my taste in beverages for the seasons, because I like to eat and drink things that remind me of Christmas all year round, but I quite enjoy Chai tea during the holiday season.

Treat – I love fruitcake and I love Panettone bread during the holiday season!

Movie – I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

Anyway, that is it for the Tis’ The Season Tag, hope you all are having a great Twenty-Third of December!



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