Blogmas Day Twenty: Favourite Holiday Songs

Everybody has those few favourite Holiday Songs, and though mine may be unconventional, they are my favourite songs nonetheless!

1. Fairytale of New York by the Pogues

This song is amazing, and in all honesty, my family has never been one for tradition or the conventional so it perfectly sums up my Christmas’s! Also, for all of you that have seen P.S. I Love You, the scene with the priest singing this song at Gerry’s funeral is my absolute favourite!


2. The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Intro Song

This song just reminds me of sitting around a fire with my family when we had no power, don’t know why, because no power means no watching Christmas Vacation but still!

3. It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble

This song just makes me feel like it’s Christmas morning, and the snow is falling, and there is Pannetone bread being passed around for breakfast!


4. Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill

This song reminds me of Childhood Christmas’s and just being an innocent kid watching the Grinch for the first time and being genuinely afraid of the Grinch! Not to worry though, I am not scared of him anymore!


5. Last Christmas by Wham!

And this song is a Christmas song that everyone should love! It’s Wham! after all!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great twentieth of December, Christmas is in 5 days guys! And make sure to comment about all your favourite Christmas songs!



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