Book Review: Twisted Illusions by Jasemine Denise

So I have recently read a book, shocking right? Anyway, because I have read a book, I thought I should review it (also shocking)! So, let’s get started!

I recently read Twisted Illusions by Jasemine Denise, which is classified as an urban contemporary romance novel, you can check out the summary on Goodreads. This book deals with the harsh route that love can take sometimes, and in a pretty realistic way. The characters dealt with real problems, and there was no sort of frivolous love story or hot aliens to keep the story going. That being said, I absolutely loved the beginning and the end of the book, the middle I wasn’t a big fan of. In all honesty I got a bit lost and was not quite sure what was going on. But the last 30% of the book was amazing! I loved how unexpected the ending was, and how I did not see it coming at all. Everything tied together in the end and I am curious to see how the rest of this series will pan out! This book takes an interesting look at the life of an author too, which really got me excited to read the book.

Another worthy thing to note about reading this book is that I loved the good character insight you gain, Jasemine Denise brought a whole new aspect to this book by showing the details that I would often miss in other novels. I also really enjoyed how she brought characters into the story, they were all introduced in a subtly powerful way, which I thought was interesting and unique. I especially love how Wayne (Dub) was introduced into the book, but I won’t give away how (this is spoiler free, after all). She also brought a ton of cool quirks into the characters lives and how they were portrayed. For example, it was mentioned that one character drank beer from a crazy straw. Which strangely enough reminded me of my Great Grandmother, who did the same thing!

All the other ratings on the book are amazing, and I hope that I have also inspired you guys to give this book a look!

You can buy the book onΒ Amazon!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…




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