Blogmas Day Fourteen: Book Accessories and Gifts

Hmmm… still looking for gifts for the bibliophile who has every book imaginable? Well, I guess you have come to the right place. Jordan made a post like this a little while ago, and so now I am here to show you what I think are perfect non-book gifts for those book-lovers in your life!

I think a great idea would be this Personal Library Kit. It looks awesome and would be super useful for those bibliophiles that love to lend out books!

Another great idea, in my opinion, would be these Harry Potter themed travel posters, because they would be awesome to hang around the house!

Maybe even these cool kobo cases, that make it look like you may actually be reading from an actual paperback  book.

Ever have those books that are just so good that you feel the need to raise them above the rest, well look no further than a floating bookshelf!

Hope that this may have given you a few ideas, or even inspired you to come up with your own! Anyway, hope you are having a great fourteenth of December!



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