Blogmas Day Thirteen: Best Book Deals

Now, shopping and spending can be fun, but the second you look into your bank account… not so much. I am here to help you find the perfect gift for your book-loving friends and family, all while being able to save a few pennies.

First of all, check your discounted books section in your local bookstore, you can usually find some great reads in that section that are a little off the beaten track. But nonetheless, good books call to be read!

Order Online. Chapters/Indigo is the main bookstore where Jordan and I live, meaning that we are pretty savvy at navigating the store. But not only is there the store to navigate, there is also theΒ online store. With Chapters you can get a free membership card (PlumRewards) and use the points to redeem money off your purchase, but not only do they have that, you also get discounted books online, and shipping to the stores is free. So save yourself the hassle of the checkout at the store, and checkout online but still be able to justify a trip to the bookstore to check out all the latest awesome reads!

Thirdly, check Amazon. You may have to pay shipping depending on where you live, but they have books that are usually less than the advertised price in stores. Then do your math and see which way to purchase those novels is cheaper.

Honestly, I don’t have many other tips on how to save money buying books (because I am a huge spendaholic mostly) but I hope that these really do help you all out with you Christmas and Holiday shopping this year!

Hope you all are having a great thirteenth day of December…




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