Blogmas Day Twelve: What to buy a Bibliophile for the Holidays

Other than the fact that you buy your bibliophile friends books, what other things can you think of for Christmas, Birthdays and any other occasions that need celebrating. My answer is normally nothing. I can think of nothing else other than the fact that you would buy book-lovers books. And that has to change, so I spent some time rattling my brain for ideas of what to buy for those friends that can’t get their face out of a novel. So lets get into the holiday season with some spending money ideas!

1. Tissues- besides Ansel Elgort’s shirt, what else are you supposed to dry your tears with while crying through The Fault in Our Stars

2. A T-Shirt that says, “My Blog is better than Your Vlog.” If you have read Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout, you would know that this is a key thing for all book bloggers.

3. A Time Turner Necklace – How else are you supposed to read Room by Emma Donoghue again without knowing the ending. And while purchasing it you may need to stop by Diagon Alley, so you hit two birds with one stone!

4. The Harry Potter book set with the spines that create Hogwarts, because then they know that their bookshelf will always be there to welcome them home.

5. A gift card to your local bookstore- how else are you supposed to say that you can’t think of any other present so you bought them one in which they can buy their own present for themselves!

6. A Copy of City of Lost Souls with page 511 ripped out!

7. A life sized stand up of Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and/or Jensen Ackles. How else are the teen Supernaturalaholics supposed to tell their parents that they are infatuated with 30-some odd year old grown men that hunt demons in their spare time.

8. Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans – There is no better way to say ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Holidays’, or ‘Happy Birthday’ than with a good snot flavoured jelly bean!

9. An Obsidian necklace to let your friends know that the Arum are always watching and that they have to be able to protect themselves.

10. An Invisibility Cloak- so they can fangirl and squeal over books and TV in public without anyone knowing it was them.

11. A Bind-Up of all your favourite Destiel fan fictions so you can live your dreams vicariously through the imaginations of fan fiction authors.

12. A Mockingjay pin to symbolize that they are free to read any genre of books that they want.

13. A Trident to tell the world that not only are you crazy, but also that you are the god of seas and water. I was thinking you could buy them a lightning bolt, but that comes with safety instructions and a health and safety warning. And the Trident might get Finnick to come over and give your friend some trident-throwing lessons too.

14. A gift card to a tattoo parlour because they need to get a tattoo of birds across their clavicle so that they can no longer be defined.

15. A library card holder, because we all know that thing has been through a lot in their lifetime and deserves to be cherished.

Anyway, I wish you all happy holidays and hope that you have a great time cramming all your amazing reads into your winter break!

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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