Blogmas Day 11: Book Accessories

Don’t know what to get your booklion friend who already owns every book imaginable? Well stop right here cause below are some great gifts to get for a friend that loves to read!

  • A book lover obviously loves to read so any kind of reading light that you can clamp onto your book or ereader they will for sure love! Look at this one! It turns on when you are reading and when you put the book back on the shelf the light turns off! Brilliant! enhanced-buzz-7808-1386185751-14
  • What is their favourite book or book series? Getting something related to their book like a bookmark or coffee mug with the fandom or a quote on it will be perfect for them to use! george-orwell-s-tea-rules-mug-36170-p[ekm]250x250[ekm]
  • As I was looking for ideas for this post I came across this website called The Literary Gift Company which is a place to find awesome gifts for book lovers, readers, and writers including a bag with one of the best sayings ever “I like big books and I cannot lie!” Classic! -i-like-big-books...-canvas-tote-bag-14748-p[ekm]150x150[ekm]
  • Another place that is always my go-to is Hottopic, they have the best fandom related stuff and then are an actual store so you don’t have to worry about paying huge amounts for them to ship a shirt with a harry potter saying on it to your home! Half of my wardrobe is from Hottopic and I regret nothing! 397350_hi
  • Another handy thing that I think is pretty sick is a laptop case, ereader case or any kind of tablet case that looks like a book! Its so cool and it makes you look even more smarticle! enhanced-buzz-14937-1386173667-14 
  • Do they love the smell of books? Well look no further to the book smelling candle! Kinda weird since burning paper and the smell of books is completely different but either way I bet it smells amazing! enhanced-buzz-855-1386180127-9

Hope these give you some ideas on what to get your booklion friend for xmas! Happy shopping!

Keep on reading..

Jordan 🙂


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