Blogmas Day 6: Jordans Xmas TBR

Last month the amount of reading I accomplished was quite disappointing. I am really hoping to read a bunch over the xmas break to see how high I can get over my 5o Book Pledge for the year! So here is a bunch of books that I really want to try and get to before the new year!

  1. Amy and Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson – this book I have been trying to read since the beginning of November and I am half way through but I just can’t get into it. I don’t think its the book, more just the fact that I am super busy and in a bit of a reading slump. But yeah I need to finish this or I never will.
  2. Point of Infliction by Veronica N. Davis – I was requested to review this book a very long time ago and I always feel so guilty if I can’t or don’t read them right away! I want to read this very soon so I can slowly but surely catch up on review requests! Veronica if you are reading this right now I will read Point of Infliction eventually! Don’t you worry!

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