Blogmas Day 4: Harry Xmas to You

I’m assuming you have all read Harry Potter or have at least seen a few of the movies! So I am pleased to announce that some Youtubers are putting together a readawatchalongathon! Yes that is a very big word, but it is pretty much everything put together! The goal is to read all 7 Harry Potter Books, and watch all 8 movies in the month of December!

This was created by maureenkeavy on youtube and I think it is a fabulous idea! Here is her video below if you want to watch it: 

Here are all the times that everyone will be getting together to watch each movie and live tweet about it on twitter!

Movie Dates: (all movies will start at 7pm CST)
1 – Dec 5th
2 – Dec 9th
3 – Dec 12th
4 – Dec 16th
5 – Dec 19th
6 – Dec 23rd
7 part 1 – Dec 26th
7 part 2 – Dec 30th

And below are the youtube hosts that will be each be discussing a different book and each person will have their respective videos up the day before their movie is to be watched!

Katie // Channel: Twitter:
Sanaa // Channel: Twitter:
Dylan // Channel: Twitter:
Liz // Channel: Twitter:
Max // Channel: Twitter:
Raeleen // Channel: Twitter:

Also be sure to follow the Harry Xmas to You on twitter and use the hashtag #harryxmastoyou if you are participating on any kind of social media!

I personally will not be trying to read all the books but I am considering doing the live tweeting during the movies because I think that will be super duper fun! I might, if I have time try to read the first book to at least attempt to participate in this awesome readawatchalongathon. However, with so many books on my shelf and even more that I have promised authors I would read I just don’t think I will have the time!

Are you going to participating in this amazing athon? Let me know below!

Keep on reading…

Jordan 🙂


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