Quote of the Week?

As those of you who regularly follow our blog, we usually post on Thursday about quotes that we have been loving in the past week. And I must admit, my ability to find a quote that I identify with this week has been a disaster. And then I began thinking, if you can’t find a quote, why force yourself to talk about one that you don’t identify with. And that is exactly what I have decided to do today. Think about it, every fortnight I type up a couple hundred words about the quote that has helped me to think for the past while, when in reality I don’t want to be defined by a quote, or anything really. There is beauty in being undefined. It’s like colouring outside the lines, but in a deeply poetic and immensely thoughtful way.

The last sentence I was being partially sarcastic about, but in truth I do think that there is beauty to colouring outside the lines. When we were all little, and given colouring books we would just scribble all over the pages, not caring how it looked or what others thought about it, the only important thing was being able to find your favourite crayon and remove it from the death trap of cardboard boxes that they came in. Thinking back on this sometimes I miss that freedom, because as we have grown up we have been told that things look better when coloured in the lines, and that everything has to be as expected. Basically what I am trying to say is that we should not all have to conform to the culturally constructed walls that the society we live in creates. We should feel free enough to express ourselves in every way possible without fear of judgement or discrimination. Don’t be afraid to test the boundaries of the status quo, make a difference, be the change, voice your opinions. But in short, just live, and don’t let someone else dictate how you are supposed to live.

Let’s design our own catastrophes, and seize the Tuesday,



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