Mocking Jay Part One #1 Movie in the World!

I’m assuming you read the title but I’m going to say it again! Mockingjay Part One is the #1 movie in the world! Unfortunately i was not able to see it this past weekend but I have only heard overly positive things. I was very scared when they said they were going to split the final book into two movies because I felt the last book was the slowest out of the three. But if it is as good as everyone says it is well i can’t wait to go!

Although Mockingjay placed first in the box office this weekend it did not do as well as the previous movies in the franchise making only $123 million where Catching Fire opened in the same weekend the year before earned $158 million and The Hunger Games making $152 million.

I have a feeling that more people will go see the movie as time goes on now that it was so well received. Will you be seeing Mockingjay Part One in theatres? If you still aren’t convinced watch the trailer again below!

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Jordan πŸ™‚


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