Cover Review: The Retribution of Mara Dyer

If anyone of you have been following the blog lately, you are aware of the fact that Jordan got her hands on a copy of this book just the other day, before it was actually released! How, you may ask? I have no idea. But her review of the book is already up on the blog and ready to go, whereas I just got my pre-ordered copy the other day and I am ready to do a cover review! So lets cannonball into this!


Okay so to start off with here are the covers…

The Mara Dyer Trilogy

The third one being the retribution, and I am so pumped to read this!
If you look at the positioning of the bodies of the first and last cover, you see a lot of similarities, that both may be brought back together again. Or that the series ends in much the same situation that it begins. The book cover looks like Mara is being consoled and calmed by who I assume would be Noah, and that she is in a bad situation and needs his help. I cannot even get over the fact that this series has finally come to an end and I know that I will be so sad when I finally finish it. I hope that it is as good as its pre successors have been, and that it as much as I loved the others.

Keep designing your own catastrophe….



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