Quote of the Week: Seize the Tuesday!

Hannah texted me this morning stating she wanted to seize the Tuesday today. I don’t know if she felt that she did seize her Tuesday but I feel quite successful and unsuccessful at the same time.

Seize the Tuesday. -Adi Alsaid Lets Get Lost

Adi Alsaid the author of Lets Get Lost made his characters seize the Tuesday and I think its a great concept, not everyday needs to be spectacular to be considered seized. Even just the simple things should be recognized. For example, I just finished less than five minutes ago, Isla and the Happily Ever After. I feel like I accomplished something because 1. I finished a series and 2. the series was fantastic!

Just because you didn’t face your biggest fear or do something that wasn’t in your daily routine you can still feel accomplished there is nothing wrong with that. I just hope that everyone can make it through the day thinking that at least one person or one thought or one gesture made you happy.

What did you do to Seize the Tuesday? Use the hashtag #letsallget lost whenever you do a seize the Tuesday post!

Keep on living….

Jordan 🙂


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