Fandom News: Have I Been Brought into a New Fandom?

A fangirl is a fangirl is a fangirl. And no matter how hard I try and stop from fangirling, it just comes naturally. So anyway, I should probably tell you what my latest obsession is… American Horror Story. It is amazing. One day I came home to realize that my Step-Mother had bought all the seasons that are released on DVD to date and I immediately started watching Season 2: Asylum. And then I finished the season. I have yet to start a new season but I am hoping to do that soon.

For anyone who has not watched it or has not even heard of it I highly recommend getting into the series and starting to watch them, simply because they are amazing.

Now, this post was basically to emphasize how many different ‘fandoms’ one can join and still be considered sane. Well people, I am racking up the numbers here and am still okay!

I hope you all had a great week and comment below letting me know what new fandoms you have joined and if one of them might have been American Horror Story.

Keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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