Book Review: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

So I would like to start out by apologizing for not having my review up yesterday but I got home late and I decided that I would do it today instead. I just finished The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, like not even 5 minutes ago and my brain is going through so many possibilities for where this series will lead to!

I went to Italy this summer and I took a course for school about Classical Civilizations. Mainly we talked about Roman and Greek Gods so I was so excited when they started to introduce not only more Greek Myths but Roman as well.

I have tried countless times to read this book and have always gotten to just under halfway and put it down. I just felt like in 2oo pages nothing really happened. Finally, with the last book coming out this month, that enough was enough. I had to get into this series.

At first I was a bit skeptical about reading about percy’s world but about different people. I just feel like I’m cheating the story if I do that but I eventually became very invested in the characters. I really enjoyed reading from different perspectives and seeing the trio interact with each other through different eyes.

The plot, although slow at some points, still had me theorizing and trying to figure out what everything meant. I do feel that some parts of the story seemed unneeded but maybe they connect in later books.

I did guess the major plot twist about halfway through the book but the very end was still quite surprising! I can’t wait to continue with this series! I heard its loads of fun and I can’t wait to see the Roman and Greek sides battle it out!

Unfortunately I went to my local bookstore and they had all the books in the series except for Son of Neptune! So I am now waiting impatiently for a new shipment to come in to dive right into the next book!

Have you started this series? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Keep on reading…

Jordan 🙂


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