Lets Get Lost – READ-A-LONG!!

Cover too Cover is co-hosting its very first READ-A-LONG! We are sooo excited to have everyone come together and read an awesome YA book! The book that Hannah, Zoe from So Many Words and I are going to be reading in October is called Lets Get Lost by Adi Alsaid! I am so excited to read this book because I have heard amazing things about it! 18812437

We have decide to split the book up into the 5 point of views in the story and each section will have a discussion in the group on Goodreads! We also think it would be fun to have amazing conversations about the book on kik! More info to come as we go! You can also use the hashtag #letsallgetlost on any social media site to show us all the pictures, tweets, tumblr and blot posts that you are making! We are so excited!

This is our first time running a read a long and we hope that you will consider joining us in reading this book! If you are going to join please comment below! There will be posts later on but try to get your hands on a copy of Lets Get Lost before October!

Keep on reading….

Jordan 🙂


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