The Maze Runner: Movie Anticipation

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is now upon us… The Maze Runner is in theatres tomorrow! And I am ecstatic! I cannot wait to see Dylan O’Brien on the big screen and see how they bring this book to life! If you have been following the blog you know that I have made numerous posts about this series and how excited I am, and I am going to be completely honest, this may just be a reiteration of the other posts that have gone up. But it shall prevail and go up anyway!

Here are the 10 things I am most excited for to possibly see in the Movie…

1. The Ending (I want to see how they depict it in the movie because it was AMAZING while I was reading it)

2. When Thomas first comes out of the box. Greenie!

3. How they discover the Griever Hole

4. How the Grievers look

5. The scenes showing the night spent in the Maze

6. Every Scene with Dylan O’Brien

7. How experienced is Minho at running, really?

8. Will Poulter possibly breaking into song in this movie?

9. The reaction on everyone Glade’s faces when Theresa comes out of the box.

10. The movie in general!

I hope you guys are all sharing in some of the excitement and are as anxious as me to see the movie!

Anyway, keep on designing your own catastrophe…



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